Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Errant Words

My word for the day: myriad.  In the pieces i posted yesterday, i used it 3 times, twice in one essay.  There it became a bridge between two ideas.  My writings will be myriad as well as errant.  

With so many things to write about, I become almost frozen in the face of all the choices.  It's similar to the bi-polar/anxietal immobilization, but without the consequences.  If i do not write here, for 10 minutes, there is no window of opportunity that i am missing.  You may say what if that window is longer than 10 minutes?  My experience has been that the window, if i can get out of it will only last that long. And if it is longer, there are past writings - my own and that of others, should i feel the need to post *now*. 
Even now, with all the ideas and words and sentences running amok in my head, I find this blog to be truly exciting.  And i will not bemoan the time where i refused for reasons I can no longer remember.  I am simply going to write.  I can edit it all later.....  I can even delete it all entirely.  But i think i will not. 
Part of my illness has led to me destroy my art - words, art, objects - in the past.  No use crying about it, and perhaps i will one day be able to re-create some of it.  And if not…there will be a limitless supply of words to arrange, colors to apply, and objects to shape into something better.
Writers often wonder will they be published, will they be read.  And while i would never want to see books disappear, here, on the net, there is so much more opportunity to be seen.  If even one person finds me, and reads what I have said, I am a success.

I have also invented a word here today – anxietal.  Perhaps one day it will be in a dictionary.  I think it should be, so feel free to use it, as it describes what it  suggests, and we will be part of the growing of language.  Talk about exciting!

Go! Write!

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