Sunday, August 14, 2011

Food Chain

Ten days ago                                                
The great horned owl appeared                  
Sitting on a light pole
Calling.  ‘Come here, Come here’.
Mama kitty disappeared
Two days before
This morning, again,
She sat calling
For the others.
‘Come out, come out
Wherever you are’.
I chased her away.
The coyotes are singing tonight
Not their usual, happy,
We got some dinner,
We got some dinner’, song.
Like the night she went missing.
This was more of a
Sister got hurt song.
Last week it sounded like the
‘Send us more furries
She tasted good’,  Song.
They tell me
There’s bobcats around.
She was a baby alone on the prairie
When she found me
She survived all that before
Snakes too.
Even the two legged kind.
Wish I had a gun.
But what would I shoot?


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  1. The italicized words are sung, using any familiar tune or one of their own device, as the reader/performer chooses.