Thursday, August 11, 2011


I never understood addiction,
Drugs, alcohol, sex, I have all done without.
A friend once gave me a drug,
And I caught a glimpse of the possibilities for feeding a need!
Still, I walked away uncaught by it all.
I was strong then!
And then I came here.
Still, it took time,
Sucking me in so sweetly, sliding, slipping, silently, surreptitiously, succoring, suckering, seemingly inviting.
Old familiar friends, family, foes, are all here.
I cannot wait to see them every day, night, morning, evening, weekday, weekend
Neglecting work, school, chores, social events, still I miss nothing,
Except venomous words of those, I do not esteem.
Would there were more hours, to spend with them all.
How can I escape this madness?
I see only its glory, grandeur, and magnificence, dismissing all the baiting, biting, beating, bleating and bleeding, the perfidy, and the poverty and paucity of spirit.
A plethora of poets, pundits, paupers, princes, priests, playing, plying, performing powerfully for all.
Yet, I wonder who I am in the midst of all this.
Mother, sister, lover, mistress, flirt, inamorata, confessor and confessed, yes, all of these and more, fulfilling their needs and mine.
We come together and help, hurt, heal, hinder, horrify, each other and ourselves.
Offers of love, lust, adoration, beguiling the caring, curious, crazy codependents
Feeding my needs instantly, available every minute, every hour of every day
Who needs real people, where there are invitations, proposals, propositions, pitches, plans, and schemes, here to satisfy any taste or inclination?
Don’t even want to get away; think I will stay.

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  1. This was written about an online game site, with a lounge area, where everyone could *speak* to each other. It was my first entry into a chat room environment. There are also private chat areas, as well as in game chat. The observers could also chat amongst themselves without distracting the players....oh so addicting.