Thursday, August 11, 2011


She needs a man
   Who is strong enough
       To withstand the
           Waves of passion
               She looses
                   On the world,
                       In Delight of it’s wonders.

                              He wonders at the fury
                                  And fears the day
                                      She will turn it
                                          Against him.
                                              So he flees
                                                  The passion
                                                      For which he yearns.
                                                      She yearns to awaken
                                                  The passion she sees
                                               Deep within him.
                                           Almost certain he fears
                                       The resulting fury,
                                   As he plays the role…
                              Missing the ecstasy.

                       He gives her ecstasy
                    So compelling,
                She rages when
           He is gone.
        Passions seething,
   Awaiting his return,
To charm and delight.

Who will delight?
   Whose passion will ignite?
       The fiery mistress, or the
            Master of nonchalance.
               The inferno will
                   Reduce them to ashes
                       And begin healing…
                             Healing those who
                                                    And delight
                                                       In another…..


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